Signal Myna


Flagship product that has 10.1”(254mm) touch screen. Multiple protocols; replay capability; multiple scripting; scalable number of signals - In excess of 60 signals.
Simbuck Stimulus Generators are stand-alone systems designed to mimic feature sets of input signals to Electronic Control Units, thereby coercing the firmware to execute on the engineer’s desk.

  • Runs stand-alone, no PC required
  • Onboard storage of multiple target system configurations
  • Dynamic selection of output values via intuitive touchscreen interfaces
  • Symmetric and asymmetric Pulse Stream signals
  • Additional Analog, Digital, Frequency and PWM signals output in parallel
  • CAN supported

Simbuck Signal Myna, the flagship device, is built around an ARM based Small Board Computer (SBC). Combined with a slide-out wireless keyboard this provides even greater flexibility and functionality. Signal Myna applications are built to exercise multiple feature sets concurrently via user scripts or recorded data.



  • In-unit configuration
  • On-board scripting
  • Replay of recorded data
  • Single step capability
  • Data mining to generate replay files
Power supply9-24 Volt external
Dimensions300 x 200 x 100 mm
Weight1200 grams approx.
Touch screen dimensions218 x 137mm
Colour Touch screen resolution1280 x 800


Signals conditioned
  • PWM
  • Frequency
  • Digital
  • Pulse Stream
  • Protocol Support
    • CAN
    • LIN
    • SENT


Subject to configuration. Different configurations available on request.

4 x Primary Signal #1Asymmetric Pulse Stream0 – 10kHz; 0 – 100%; 0 – 5V
12 x DigitalAsymmetric Pulse Stream0 – 10kHz; 0 – 100%; 0 – 5V
16 x PWMComplementary and or variable1kHz – 10kHz, 0 – 5V
16 x PWMLow frequency1hz – 1 kHz
16 x DigitalVolts0 – 5V
4 x CANCommsStandard baud rates
4 x SerialCommsStandard baud rates
1 x USBCommsUSB 1.1, USB2.0



TypeNumber of SignalsRange
Voltage160 – 5V
20 -Vin
Resistive85-10 kOhms
850-100 kOhms